This Week’s Feature: Behavior Clip Charts

It’s Saturday again! A beloved day for teachers everywhere (or at least for this teacher!). I hope everybody had a wonderful week and I am so glad you have found your way here.

This week I am bringing you a feature on Amanda Taylor. Amanda and I did our student teaching together. During that year I was able to visit many classrooms and see a variety of teachers. It’s something I truly miss. Watching other teachers in action has always provided me with a million ideas but it also always gives me this great sense of excitement about the craft of teaching. We are all performance artists in one way or another when we step up in front of a room of people- no matter their age, or ours. I find it sad that while I know Amanda is doing great things it has been nearly three years since I was able to see her work, and we teach in the same city. So again, my hope is that this space can become  a virtual workshop of sorts.

So it is with great pleasure that I pass on to you one thing that is working well for Amanda:


Amanda Taylor

2nd grade

Worcester, MA

Tell us about what is working in your classroom?

I love my clip chart behavior system. 🙂

Why do you think this practice is working?

It is very consistent and puts a primarily positive spin on classroom management.  My kids take pride in being noticed doing the right thing and moving up the chart.  Parents also report that their kids are coming home excited to share when they have made it to “super student” on the top of the chart.  They seem very motivated by it and I have had fewer issues with behavior since I began using it.

How did you set this practice up in your classroom?

 I got the clip chart idea from a blog post and came up with my own category titles.  I set up the chart on day one of school last year, went over it with the kids, and started using it right away.  I sent home a detailed letter to parents explaining the system and asking them to sign their support.  On our school’s Know Your School Night, I went over it in detail again with the parents and answered any questions.

Can you suggest any resources (links/books/articles) that would help someone else set this practice up?

You can google behavior clip chart to browse some of the different ones that are out there.  I am also happy to share if anyone would like to use my chart or my parent letter- just email me! (


Thank you for sharing Amanda! And if any of you are interested in sharing the great things I know are going on in your classrooms please visit the submit page for more information!



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  1. Cueing through visual charting and visual reminders is possibly the single best change agent known to social psychology. Thanks for this post. No matter what age we are, gold stars and/or gold metals, still can thrill/excite us. Go figure.

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