This Week’s Feature: A Magical Line Up!

This week’s feature comes from yet another dear friend (I have the best friends!). Brie Goldberg is a teacher here in Worcester, Ma. I can only imagine how much fun it is to be in her classroom. In addition to being an incredibly dedicated educator, she has one of the most joyful personalities I have ever been fortunate enough to encounter. The piece she has to share today only goes to illustrate what a creative management style she has. I am very excited to share her tip with all of you this week so please enjoy and let me know if you try this out or if you do something similar by leaving a comment. 

Brie Goldberg
Grade 1
Worcester, MA
Tell us about what is working in your classroom?
I like to use positive and fun strategies to get my students lined up efficiently. This is pretty easy with first graders. One of these strategies involves a “magic wand.” I tell my students in the beginning of the year that we have magic in our classroom. I show them the magic wand (I use one of the glass wands with the glitter and confetti inside) and tell them that when I say the magic words, a perfect line forms, single file and silent. Then I wave the wand, say the magic words, “Abracadabra, one, two, three,” I turn around once with my eyes closed, “Voila,” I open my eyes and they have magically lined up.

Why do you think this practice is working?
It’s silly, but kindergartners through 2nd graders respond well to these silly types of strategies.

How did you set this practice up in your classroom?
I teach it in the beginning of the year, day 1. Then I invite other teachers to watch our “magic trick,” the students like showing off.



I just love this idea because it taps into the sweet innocence that already exists within younger children. I have to say I think my third graders might just love this and I can’t wait to give it a go with them! I think it is easy to forget how much kids really want to believe in magic. Tapping into this desire and the fact that this technique inherently creates a classroom culture in which imagination is encouraged and accepted as the norm is truly powerful. Plus I would put money on this really working like magic to get your kids into a straight and quiet line. 

I have also heard about some other uses for magic wands in classrooms. I have seen people use them for reading the room and as part of special classroom occasions. One of my co-workers even uses a wand for adding words to her word wall- she becomes the Word Fairy! 

Do you use any kind of magic in your classroom?

I am also including images from an adorable(!!) tutorial for making your very own DIY magic wand! This tutorial and the images come to you courtesy of Heartmade


Thanks for stopping in! See you a little later this week!



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  1. This was just one of the most touching and sweetest thing I have heard of in a long time. Thank you for bring this idea to life. I loved the part about the kids showing off the magic working for others.

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