Check It Out: Worcester Children’s Author

I am absolutely beyond excited to share this video with you today! I had not heard of Jarrett J Krosoczka until about a week ago when a thoughtful friend (Casey Starr) sent me a link to this TED talk. So I casually sat down to watch this video and was immediately drawn in. First of all, I am just in love with the way he talks about his own teachers and the influences they had on him. I think that every person who goes into teaching dreams that one day they can have this kind of lasting effect on a kid… Not every kid, but maybe just one kid.

I am also enamored with the idea that this man comes from the very city I teach in. In a large district that services many children with challenging lives outside of school it is always inspiring to hear about the kids who not only found success but are also doing so much to pay it forward.Immediately an author study began to grow in my mind. I mean, how could it not! This man and his love of writing and art feel infectious. So I ran to amazon and ordered every book of his that I could get. They should be here soon.

I am dreaming of getting him into my classroom because I have some truly talented budding writers in my midst and I want to do anything I can to inspire them the way Jarrett’s teachers inspired him!

So I hope you enjoyed and that you are as inspired by Jarrett as I am.

As always, I would like to state that this image and the video do not belong to me. The image is property of Jarrett J. Krosoczka and the video is property of  .

Do you have a story of a teacher who inspired you? If so, please comment so we can all revel in how awesome teachers can be!

See you Saturday!


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