Check It Out: Rethinking Math

I am in a constant struggle with teaching math… The problem is not that I hate math, in fact I really love math! I like problem solving, it’s like puzzles (which I also weirdly love). So, what is my flipping problem, you ask?

My issue is that I can’t figure out how to transmit my love of math to students. I find teaching math frustrating because I can’t find the hook for my students. So of course, I am handling this by scouring the internet and watching videos like the one below…

I hope you’re as nerdy excited about this as I am!

Leave a comment if you have any math advice for me. Also we will hopefully have some more math related content in this weeks feature!

Have a great end to your week. The expected snow here might just make our week a bit shorter than usual… Think snowy thoughts!


(Me and my mom in the last storm)


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