Check It Out: Test Prep

In the midst of standardized test prep I think it is important to remember that students need confidence in their own abilities. And here is a video that is all about just that!

Happy Valentines Day everybody! I’ll see you this weekend.


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  1. I appreciate the positive message; it can add to a positive environment. What bothers me is that strategies like this become the primary attempts at building confidence and creating a positive environment. The substantive measures are overlooked.

    Take for example confidence. When a risk free environment is created in the classroom students are freed to take chances. They think, they try, they play their role in learning. When students take academic risks and try when they are unsure they experience the resulting successes, albeit in small steps. Their confidence builds incrementally.

    I believe schools pay little attention to strategies related to this approach in favor of the quick fix cheerleading (which again I think it useful as a supplement).

    Good luck on the testing!


    • Randy, thanks so much for your comment. I agree with you completely that confidence is something that is built slowly through trial and error. I also believe that it is not something that you can give to students but rather something that comes from overcoming authentic challenges. I really work hard to build an environment in my classroom where students are given genuine feedback rather than unconditional praise because I think that that is the only way for them to really feel proud when they do a good job.

      Again, thank you for the comment! This kind of dialogue helps build a professional community.


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