About the Project

Welcome to The Featured Teacher. My name is Annie and I am a third grade teacher in Worcester, Ma. I was inspired to start this blog because I want to provide my students with the best education and school experience possible. I have had amazing mentors and coworkers who have helped me in my early years of teaching but I am still constantly coming across ideas and practices that I simply wish I had known about sooner. I was once given the advice that good teachers borrow and great teachers steal. This blog is a place for both. It is important that we share ideas because it not only makes us better teachers but also builds a community that makes us feel better about our teaching.

I know I work with a truly brilliant group of people and I know that there are teachers all over the world doing great things everyday that help children grow. I also know that teachers have a strangely solitary job at times. We share the building and we share the kids but there simply isn’t time to share our practices with each other enough. If only there was a way to be in two places at once. My hope is that this space will provide a bit of insight into what is working for teachers and that through sharing these ideas we can strengthen ourselves and our students.

I am also becoming very aware of the fact that teachers are not singled out enough for the spectacular things they are doing. It is easy to get bogged down in the everyday, run of the mill, grind of work. That happens in every profession. I think it is so frequently easier to talk about what is not working and what needs to be fixed, and to forget about all the small successes that are happening around us each and every day. I also hope that this can be a space in which we slow down and take a moment to celebrate and share things that just work for us.

This blog is about bringing a spotlight onto that one thing in someone’s classroom that is working really well. It can be anything. From how papers get passed out to a great lesson or unit. From classroom jobs to curriculum mapping. Anything  that makes teachers proud and that contributes to the success of their classrooms.

I’m so glad you have landed here!






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